Here's what our customers are saying about Sol Book Box

"Overall we enjoy this box very much. It keeps him engaged for a long time! And let me tell you that is not easy to do. It is perfect to set that foundation and allow him to expand his teachings as he grows older. I would highly recommend everyone raising a bilingual child to try a box! It also makes a wonderful gift! Check out today."

-Angelica (Phoenix)

"The kids got their second Sol Book Box today, they loved the story of Blanca Nieve. All in Spanish which helps me keep these guys learning and improving their language skills."

-Erick (Orem, UT)

"Gracias por repartir felicidad Sol Book Box! Nos encanta recibir nuestro #solbookbox cada mes!  Ahora si que... it's the most wonderful time of the month! No se quién disfrutó más el Sol Book Box del mes, Nolan Antonio o los papás!

Con la ayuda de este servicio podemos inculcarle a nuestro hijo el amor por la lectura con LIBROS EN ESPAÑOL!"

-Anakaren (Big Lake, TX)

"I was so extremely happy to come across Sol Book Box, which is a monthly Spanish and bilingual book box subscription company. If you subscribe, each month you would receive a box with meticulously curated Spanish and/or bilingual children’s books.

It was adorable when we received our Sol Book Box, Raphael was beyond excited and now I know where I will be  getting our bilingual board books for Raphael! WIN WIN "

-Andrea (Washington, D.C.)

"It's always been a goal of mine to teach as much as I can about my culture to my children. I want Arielle Victoria to be bilingual, not only because of all the benefits that brings, but because I want her to know her roots, I want her to be proud of who she is. Thank you Sol Book Box for helping me do this!"

-Daniella (Thatcher, AZ)

"I purchased a Sol Book Box for my nieces last month and they absolutely loved it. Their smiles said it all! It was then I realized that Sol Book Box was about offering a positive reading EXPERIENCE to children. The contents in Sol Book Box open doors for engaging and fun reading. As a former elementary school teacher and a bilingual myself, I can attest to the value and effectiveness of interactive and memorable learning experiences for children and adults. Sol Book Box really works!"

-Maria (Fairview, NJ)

"It might seem strange for a childless person to be so excited about a book subscription service for Spanish-speaking children, but I signed up as soon as I could because it is hard to find books in Spanish at U.S. bookstores, and every time I give a book en español to a Latinx baby, I am praying that they get to grow up in a better world than I did."

-Kristina (Madison, WI)

"In our home we talk to my toddler just in Spanish, we want him to be fluent in both languages and we are confident that he will learn English in school and by interacting with other people everyday, but we want to give him as much exposure to Spanish as we can so he has a strong foundation of vocabulary and grammar. But finding books written in Spanish and Spanish/English is not that easy, and sometimes they are not culturally relevant, so something like Sol Book Box is ideal, it makes it so easy to get books and activities to play with Jax directo en casa." 

-Elba (Los Angeles, CA)