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El vendedor de felicidad


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In the middle of the forest lives a community of birds. One of them is señor Pichón, a happiness salesbird.

In EL VENDEDOR DE FELICIDAD (a 2021 libro del mes) happiness is sold in small jars, in big jars, and even in packs of six (for those with big families). Some folks buy felicidad wrapped in colorful paper, ready to give to their friends as gifts.

There must be something truly wonderful in those jars, because señor Pichón has so many customers! And yet… can you really buy happiness?

Illustrator Marco Somà extensively researched the different types of birds represented in this book to make his detailed illustrations. He also drew from different architectural styles to create the beautiful birdhouses!

This thoughtful book is perfect for a cozy reading night. We hope it sparks some conversations about what felicidad really looks like, and where we can find it. Happy reading!


Davide Calì


Marco Somà


Libros del Zorro Rojo



Picture Book

Age 3-8

28 pages


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