Meet Our Team



Vanessa is a native of Chihuahua, Mexico and a huge advocate of bilingual education.  She earned her Bachelors in Latin American Studies from BYU, and a Masters in Communications from ASU, before entering the field of hispanic marketing. She is also the co-founder of Entre Nosotr@s, a collective that promotes Chicanx/Latinx/Indigenous artists.



Joshua is an Ecuadorian-American journalist turned marketing executive. He has worked with global brands as well as small businesses to help grow their market share. He is heavily involved in the Latino community and an active volunteer. He is also co-founder of Collectivo, a collective of Latino marketing, communications and technology professionals. 



Leila is the inspiration for Sol Book Box. At just a few months old she preferred having her parents read to her over any toy or TV show. At one year old, she knew the alphabet in Spanish and English and could recognize words. We credit her advanced vocabulary to the many books available in her "toy boxes" and want other parents to enjoy the same benefits of bilingual education.  

De nuestra familia a la suya

The idea for Sol Book Box came to me after my daughter picked out the same five Spanish books at the library (the ones I had memorized!) to bring home yet again. I desperately wished we had a bigger selection of libros, at the library and at our local bookstores. When I first dreamed up the idea to bring Spanish children’s books to bilingual families, it stemmed mostly from my own passion to make sure my kid(s) were raised to be bilingual. So many of the opportunities I’ve enjoyed (career-wise and personally) have come around because of the languages I speak.

Every single Sol Book Box book is carefully chosen, and my hope is that it’s a seed parents plant at home with their children. I believe strongly in the power of reading, and what I want most is for parents and kids to love to read en español too, and to celebrate the beauty of the Spanish language together. 


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We'll have your kids (and you!) running to the mailbox every month! Sol Book Box brings you themed boxes with carefully curated children's books in Spanish, but more importantly it provides a monthly opportunity to celebrate your bilingual/bicultural familia.