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Helping Parents Raise Bilingual Bookworms

"My kids don't connect to our heritage."
"Language learning is like homework."
"I can't find books that truly engage them!"
"I don't speak Spanish – how can I help?"

Do any of these challenges strike a chord?  You're not alone.

Since 2017, we've shipped thousands of Spanish and bilingual books, curating beautiful and memorable experiences for families of all shapes and sizes. Discover why kids and parents alike love Sol Book Box and connect to the joy of raising a bilingual child.

The Sol Book Box Team

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Our Promise

1. Access to a wider world of books. Working with leading publishers in Latin America, Spain and more, we bring cherished global titles to U.S. familias.

2. Expert curation. We review hundreds of books each year, and only carry the very best. All thoughtfully written, beautifully illustrated, and culturally relevant.

3. Contemporary themes. Books that connect authentically with today’s children, touching on topics such as inclusivity, multi-cultural representation, eco-consciousness, and a compassionate, curious mindset.

4. For all types of Spanish readers. Heritage family, Spanish newbie, or anywhere in between. 

5. To buy or subscribe. Shop new libros in our bookstore, or make it easy with a subscription box!



Because an early focus on reading is one of the single most valuable investments you can make in your child’s future.

Because reading of any kind helps make for confident, smart, emotionally healthy kids ready to tackle the world.

And because bilingual reading in both English and Spanish does all of that, while also exposing your niños to greater vocabulary, broadening their cultural awareness, strengthening family bonds, and setting them up for greater success in an increasingly connected world.

And because it’s fun!



A lifelong brand builder, Jeff previously co-founded the Brooklyn-based Creative Agency Mustache. With a young daughter enrolled in a Spanish immersion school (and a son soon to join her), Jeff has seen first-hand the power of a bilingual education, and is proud to help bring the Sol Book Box experience to families everywhere.

“The minute my family became a part of the bilingual scholastic community, I saw the amazing benefits of secondary language fluency, as well as the clear need to support this journey in the home. Language learning can be a beautiful, joyful, meaningful experience for children and families alike, and it is our mission and privilege to help enable that.”


Vanessa is an entrepreneur, educator, and mamá to three bilingual daughters. She is the founder of both Sol Book Box and BILINGUIFY!, a program to help parents connect with the fun and joy of raising bilingual kids. Vanessa is a native of Chihuahua, Mexico and loves work that lies at the intersection of communication and migration.

“The idea for Sol Book Box came to me after my daughter picked out the same five Spanish books at the library (the ones I had memorized!) to bring home yet again. I desperately wished we had a bigger selection of libros, at the library and at our local bookstores. When I first dreamed up the idea to bring Spanish children’s books to bilingual families, it stemmed mostly from my own passion to make sure my children were raised to be bilingual. So many of the opportunities I’ve enjoyed, in both my career and my personal life, have been possible because of the languages I speak.”

We put a lot of thought into curating a beautiful and memorable experience for you and your children. Discover why so many parents love Sol Book Box and experience the benefits of raising a bilingual child.

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